A Klever app
for all of your


We are done stressing about paying bills

Klever gathers all your bills in one, secure app. Pay your bills straight from the app with one click, and have full control over your finances while you do it.

Klever helps individuals to have better control over their finances. Klever also helps businesses to be paid sooner, because paying bills has never been this easy.

Klever's goal is to stop unnecessary debt spirals and speed up companies’ cash flow – we want to contribute to the society.


Full control over
your finances


How it works

Take a photo of a bill and you won't see it again in your mail. With a few clicks get all your bills start coming to to the app. Swipe to pay, confirm with your fingerprint! 



Use your smartphone camera to take a picture of the bill.

Klever can inform selected companies about your new way of paying.



Forward your email invoice to your personal Klever-address.

Klever can inform selected companies about your new way of paying.



From now on all your bills will automatically be sent to Klever, where you pay them with one click.

"I love paying bills!"

— No one ever

Save money by never missing a bill again


As secure as your mobile bank


We at Klever understand how important it is to protect your banking and account information. We take your security seriously and we are continuously working on improving and ensuring the safety of using Klever.  Your card information is protected by our PCI-certified partner Solinor.

As long as you keep your login credentials safe, Klever is as secure as your mobile bank. 

"Paying bills is one the worst things to do...This has been waited for, great innovation!!"

- Pekka Kuikka

"This might be the answer to our prayers"

- Ilkka Seppänen

"Hey yeah! And even for Apple" This for me, NOW!"

- Aino Tarhala