Klever changes the way we handle and pay all of our bills.


A viable business idea is a business which can be operated successfully and smoothly - and it will make a difference.


Starting point

The founders of Klever noticed recurring problems when paying invoices; the bills are often paid at the last moment, and spread around in all kinds of places and they might also easily get forgotten. This causes economic problems for both individuals and companies.

They decided to solve this problem with HiQ.



All of the bills to the one place

The first thing to realise was that people are getting bills from several different channels – E-invoices straight to web bank, paper invoices to your physical mail box and e-mail invoices to your virtual mail box.

And when all of your bills are in one place, you can view your expenses at one glance. You will see when your bills are due and can even change the due date if it’s necessary.

Paying should be one click away

When you have all of your bills in one place, paying them should be only one click away. 

That's why Klever even informs all your billers of your new way of payment. The next time you need to pay bills, you’ll find them directly in the app.

Klever also makes sure you’ll never miss another due date by reminding you before it’s too late. Less stress about paying bills, more time for things you really love to do.

As secure as your mobile bank

Klever team understands how important it is for people to protect your financial actions, banking and account information.

So we take people's security issues seriously and we are continuously working on improving and ensuring the safety of using Klever.

As long as you keep your login credentials safe, Klever is as secure as your mobile bank.




A viable business idea is a business which can be operated successfully and smoothly. 

Klever and HiQ have built together an appealing application for changing the way that we handle and pay bills – irrespective how the bills are received in the first place.

Secondly, technology choices and service architecture are built to be flexible and cost efficient for start-up, yet having capabilities for ensuring rapid growth and internationalization. Klever integrated with best-in-class providers of OCR services, payments and authentication to immediately get access to enterprise grade features and security. The Klever servers are hosted in the Azure cloud to allow rapid scaling up as the user amount grows.


Surviving in the competitive era

Klever service has maximum chances to survive for long. Invoicing is in middle of a structural change.

Invoicing infrastructure is fragmented and banking systems are outdated. Bills are received in multiple ways; by mail, e-mail, e-invoices. It becomes difficult for consumers  to keep track of all bills, remember to pay them on time and keep track of their personal finances. Finnish credit disturbances is on a steady rise and has increased to over 10 % of the adult population. Consumer payment difficulties create slow cash flow for companies.



Klever’s business idea is feasible. They can collect and manage the resources in an efficient and effective manner, and provide great value to their users by simplifying their payments.


User experience

User experience design is very vital when introducing a new way to get things done. Everything should be intuitive, effortless and visually impressive to get people to change their behaviour.

Klever is designed to the smoothest user experience in every detail on user interface, behaviours and visuals.

Klever service architecture


Flexible and cost efficient for a start-up

Klever's service requires a solid server architecture that permits a fast deployment of services and flexibility, while still maintaining enterprise level security and reliability. For these reasons the server architecture is deployed in the cloud.

Microsoft Azure was rapid to set up and allows Klever to ramp up resources rapidly as the user base grows. Microsoft also ensures that the data is kept safe and within the EU for compliance.

Klever also partners with best-in-class providers for services like OCR, card payments and authentication giving the users both a great user experience, reliability and security.





Jeanette Samuelsson - Project owner, Founder

Simon Sandvik - Project owner, Founder



Kim Nylund - Project Manager

Jani Mäkelä - User Experience Designer, iOS

Jukka Yrjönen - User Experience Designer, Android